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Feb 24, 2010


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yes I pointed this out yesterday. It could mean they are putting a deck on hold until the council knows whats going to happen with the hotel project. Its interesting because council has been advise not to discuss the hotel project pending a lawsuit. Id be interested to know how many of the council members voted to table the parking deck and which council members supported putting the brakes on a deck. That could shed a little light on the situation. Cleary if a hotel comes into the equation, there would be a clear need for a parking deck.


It would also be interesting to know exactly what the cost of the hotel construction will be versus how much was approved for the project. If developers shave enough of the cost down, there could be bond money left over for a deck which could be public or owned by the hotel itself. I'm just speculating because nobody seems to know whats going on behind the scenes. City staff has said in the past that downtown needed a couple of parking decks.

Abner Doon

"A myth is a fixed way of looking at the world which cannot be destroyed,
because, looked at through the myth,
all evidence supports that myth."

Edward de Bono

Ed Cone

I think Tim's probably right about the council keeping its powder dry until there's a project.

I hear the new HVS report calls for a smaller hotel, with somewhat cheaper rooms.

Joe Killian

Take a look at the story Amanda and I did for tomorrow's paper answering the "what does this mean for the project?" question -- or answers it to the best of our ability.

The short version: neither the city nor the county have gotten anything more from the development group since the bond authority's meeting at the end of January. While this doesn't mean the project's dead no one has been given any more details on what bank will give a letter of credit or how else the project might be financially structured, something the bond authority and LGC will need if they hope to get the financing by April.

Joe Killian

Actually - go read it now if you like.

Up online here:


Jordan Green

The site recommended by staff -- at McGee and Greene streets -- is not where the hotel group wants a parking garage. Robbie Perkins' statement that the city should keep its powder dry by holding a parking garage out as an enticement for a major development project could be interpreted as a maneuver to help the hotel group, but I think it's more likely that he just wants to maximize the economic development benefit of the parking garage and he doesn't have any particular development project in mind.

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