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Feb 15, 2010


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If this is what its about then the lawsuit needs to be against Skip Alston not the hotel project. Lawyers may be able to make the case he broke the law but evidence that he persuaded city leaders not to recind their votes will prove to be more difficult because city leaders have said they werent going to reconsider it anyways.

Jack Hart

Tim, you are sounding like an old record with a skip in it. After a while one tires of it!


Tim has every right to comment. His arent the only repetitive comments on the subject here or elsewhere. Allowing varying viewpoints is what I consider the real use and attraction of blogs. There are other blogs you can go to if all you desire is like minded commentary. Not hard to do, dude.

For the record ... I dont care what Tim's interests are or who or even if he is paid for anything concerning this project. BTW, I dont think this project is a good idea and at this time I am against it. He is an advocate for this project. Pro or amateur ... I dont give a flyin hoot. He puts out his commentary and that should be respected. Trying to find out if he has ulterior motives is akin to trying to find out someones real name, etc. WORTHLESS.

Given the choice, I'd rather read Tim's advocacy pieces than repeated attempts to "out" him as some sort of mole or something. Or constant (and lame) Lassie references, etc. Dont like what Timmy has to say? ............ DONT EFFN READ HIS POSTS. Real simple.

Ed Cone

Thanks, Mick.

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