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Feb 24, 2010


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Don Moore

We elect the City Council to ensure that we get the most bang for our tax buck. We finally have some council members that are looking under the hood instead of rubber stamping everything brought to them.

There are many important government services than providing concerts. Give me a pot-hole free street with sidewalks.

Ed Cone

Article says privatization has been studied in the past, but times change. Maybe a fresh look will bring new results; even if it ratifies the old ones, that's valuable.

"Providing concerts" is a bit reductive. Coliseum hosts many events for many interests, has huge marketing and other benefits for GSO.

Paved roads and sidewalks, yes, please.


I have no problem with CVM staff, Council members, etc striving to make CVM complex as productive as it can be considering community service activities, graduations, etc. It is a very admirable goal.


The community also needs to think a bit about the complex's status as a war memorial. That doesn't figure into the bottom line, but it was deeply important to the people who created the complex 50 years ago, and its importance probably is still > 0 today.

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