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Feb 09, 2010


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Account Deleted

If he was talking about glam metal then it was a good thing nobody talked about it.

Ed Cone

No, he was talking about the underground alternative to that sad extruded product.

It was noted that Nirvana did not just come out of nowhere, and the lack of documentation on the underground scene was lamented, but the void was...a void.

Also, the hip hop segment was chronologically challenged and tacked on.

But it was still a good doc.

Account Deleted

Have you seen this?

It's pretty good for its time.

Lot's of Thurston antics and good segments on Dinosaur Jr., my personal fav or the period.

Full vid on google.

It's funny you mention this because I was just thinking last night about busting out Nevermind for some real rock action.

Joe Killian

I really liked the documentary "Hype" -- which was very Seattle/Pacific Northwest centric, but was basically all about that period between hardcore and what came to be known as "grunge."

For my money most "hardcore" was pretty narrow and uninteresting anyway.

A dozen tracks by Black Flag, Minor Threat and one or two other bands like the Misfits or Minutemen are all I think is salvageable from that period.

But I wasn't there, so I don't have a lot of sentimental attachments to any of it.

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