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Feb 10, 2010


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Jack Hart

The question is, does it make sense for anyone but the developers?

Absolutely NOT!


The worst that could happen is that this hotel would hurt existing business at other hotels and it will compete head on with the Proximty and O'Henry hotels. If the developers can attract a Westin or a type Wyndham brand, I think it will likely do better than the other luxury hotels in the city. This is why Weaver and Dennis Quaintance are in panic mode. I think this has more to do with downtown redevelopment than the need for more hotel rooms. I also think this will get built given the method of financing and determination of the developers to make this project happen.

Brandon Burgess

What if the hotel and it's racist/racism-enabling advocates are boycotted? Food for thought.


well it doesnt appear to be enough upset people in town for that. The general public could care less. NO one spoke against this hotel at city council meetings when the developer made their presentaions. Besides Dennis, Weaver and a few people mumbling on the blogs, there is not too much opposition. Mainly because there is no reason to go to such extremes. This hotel isnt costing taxpayers and business owners around the hotel site have no problem with it. It would be rediculous and silly to boycott the hotel just as it would be rediculous to protest opposition on grounds of racism.


Tim - any chance you will ever understand that TAX FREE bonds DO cost the taxpayers? Spend 5 minutes researching the issue, and then stop saying "this hotel isn't costing tax payers". Do you not understand the concept?

Brandon - the boycott wouldn't matter, since the developers will already be cashed out and be long gone.

It's amazing that people fail to learn the lessons from the recent financial crisis. Overleverage, no cash equity, high fees cashed out, govt programs that encourage all this. The economy is suffering right now because we allowed this to happen just a couple years ago.

Brandon Burgess

Tim, the general public is very aware of the slimy tactics being used to ram this project down the city's throat. Ole Asheboro residents know about Deena Hayes and what she is up to. One thing about this hotel and Deena's sickening behavior is that I have never seen so many blacks and whites united on one issue. I hear Deena filed for re-election. lol


I undertand the concept and if you lookinto youll see it wont cost taxpayers.



Brandon Burgess

Is it fair that this project (that would never have come about without help from the federal government) will take away business from local folks, thus potentially creating more "zones" in need of "recovery"?


I undertand the concept and if you lookinto youll see it wont cost taxpayers or, to put it another way, I do not undertand the concept any better than I spell.

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