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Feb 27, 2010


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I thought Roy was going to choke him today. I don't know about a State fans blog, but I've heard a ton of other rumors as well.

Had it on Woody for the first time this season, seemed to work, even though I never could get in in sync with the tely. Tar Heel nation, you are welcome.

Ed Cone

Finally played the way they needed to all year -- defensive intensity from the start, discipline on offense.

D2 was a nightmare at the line, but otherwise highly effective.


Looked like they were having fun too. Are we at 1999 wins now? May reconsider that Miami game.

Fred Gregory

Nice of Ed Hardin to give UNC mention ( bare ) as Wake's ( boo hoo ) opponent yesterday. Without the Box Score it would have been hard to determine that Carolina even showed up.


When the ACC Sports Journal talks about it, I will believe it. But unless I have missed it, they have not.

John Amberg

I think Roy Williams lost it when he ran that fan of the opposing team out of the Dean Smith Center. Then there was the Haiti comment. It's been one embarrassing gaffe after another. And let's not forget the Kansas decal debacle a couple years back after Carolina was eliminated from the NCAA tourney.

He's won two NCAA titles, which is fortunate for him. Otherwise he would be something of a joke.

Damn shame Carolina isn't playing Notre Dame this year. The Irish are heating up, having just beaten two top 20 teams, WITHOUT Luke Harangody. It would be fun to see Ben Hansbrough light up his brother's former team.

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