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Feb 17, 2010


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"My initial take on the suit is that it is more political than legal, and may be largely done to spook investors, the City, the County, and/or the Local Government Commission- the entity that must approve all requests."
- 2/11/10

Ed Cone

Yes, the question is rather obvious. It's the answer that's vexing.

That's one reason I found interesting Weaver's statement that he'd drop the suit if the City and County re-open discussion.

If that doesn't happen, well, what does?

I could not tell for sure from Franco's response. Thoughts?


The City and County aren't likely to do that. I think they probably understand that it is unlikely that a Court is going to take action on this suit until the LGC makes a decision. Courts tend to defer to agencies vested with discretion to interpret their own rules before issuing a declaratory judgment on whether any rules were violated.

I think the suit is about making enough noise to stall that LGC determination. I think W/Q make some good points about the lack of following the rules, but if the LGC agrees then the suit goes away. That's one less decision a Court has to make and that's how they prefer it.

Ed Cone

The response I got from the LGC staff (original post) was sufficiently vague that I could not tell for sure if the QW suit would be a sure derail, but it seems very possible.

I have not had time to follow up with the State, but will when I can.

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