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Feb 23, 2010


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That would be a shame. I worked with them, in Philadelphia, on an asylum case. They are an outstanding organization helping a vulnerable population.

Ed Cone

Done deal as of 6/30/10.

Jordan Green

There has been an accumulation of frustration with them because refugees have had difficulty finding work after their support period expired. I was told in December 2008 that they planned to reduce the number of refugees they were placing in the Triad because of the difficult employment situation. For reasons that aren't entirely clear to me, the placement numbers did not decrease.

John D. Young

They have done an amazing job over many years bringing refugees into Greensboro and surrounding areas. Like many non-profits their current poor funding has not helped the situation nor has a once very receptive community been as supportive or welcoming as of late. LFS helpful training (along with the strong support of Faith Action) for the many faith communities who helped with the Katrina flood victims (around 600 came to Greensboro) was exceptional and rewarding for everyone who participated.

It is sad that their Greensboro office plans to close!

Ed Cone

Economic issues are real, but aren't shutting other LFS offices.

GSO office has been a flagship, yet there's been management turmoil in recent years.

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