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Feb 25, 2010


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Reporter Mac Ingraham and station manager Deborah Hooper have also not replied to my inquiries on this matter either.


What were the contents of your email, Ed?


Roch, I think I will also send them some questions. However, if they actually answer my questions I will publish them on my blog. You can then link to my blog and then Ed can be free to link to your blog to report their answers. That way he can keep his petty little rule (the one he says he doesn't have) in effect about links/credits. Otherwise, it just wouldn't be worthy news if it was only on my site. Kind of like the whole interrogatories thing.

Ed Cone

I politely asked Platzer for comment on Bledsoe's questions, which I helpfully included in my own email.

I don't have a rule, Sam -- I just don't make a habit of reading your blog, and I often skim or skip your comments.

You're under no obligation to write to my taste, and I'm under no obligation to read what you write. This aggressive neediness on your part is getting dull and a little weird.


I'm not needy at all Ed and certainly not from you. That's your ego talking. Seriously, the whole black book story illustrates it more than anything else and your continued denials after all of your deliberate (and documented) acts are what are "a little weird". Nobody believes you.

sean coon

it's official: the return of spagnutty is in full force.

gee, sam, could you cull together all of ed's weird documented acts for us? please? then we could all hold him accountable! yes!!

Andrew Brod

Sean, that is the weirdest thing I've ever seen. And yet it's still not as weird as Spag's passive-aggressive man-crush on Ed.

Andrew Brod

Scratch "passive".


Sean, Ed's obsession with avoiding giving me credit for anything has been established for a long time. It is an obsession that runs the gamut from banning my business ads from appearing on his site through Google ads and delinking me from his site; to refusing to this day to acknowledge my role in the whole black book saga and downplaying the whole Mitch Johnson admission as a result. Yet with all of those deliberate acts (and there are more) on his part, he is trying to convince people that I am the one fixated on him.

Sorry, but I just think it's funny which is why I made my 6:11pm comment to Roch. I once had a similar conversation with John Robinson about his refusal to print any statements or news that broke first in the Rhino Times. Interestingly enough, the conversation was brought about because of Bledsoe's GPD series in the Rhino where quotes from David Wray never saw the light of day in the N&R. I think I asked John if he would refuse to acknowledge in the N&R something printed in the Rhino Times even if it contained a highly newsworthy quote from someone like Barack Obama made directly to John Hammer. I seem to recall he said "yes" because he didn't think the Rhino Times was credible and were constantly on the attack against his paper.

Same thing happens here with Cone, he just won't admit it.

Tony Wilkins

Sean, please NEVER EVER link to a man sitting on his nuts again. Or at least provide a warning.


So! That was an interesting article Bledsoe wrote, huh?

sean coon

sorry, tony, it's been a while since i linked to something [NCFW]... though if his buddy helped carry them, how [NSFW] could it be?

do people actually read bledsoe as if he matters?


though if his buddy helped carry them


at least provide a warning.

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I seem to recall he said credible and were constantly on the attack against his paper.

r4 ds

You can then link to my blog and then Ed can be free to link to your blog to report their answers.

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