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Feb 12, 2010


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A. Bulluck

Davis or no Davis, the season ended a few weeks ago. There's absolutely zero cohesion, heart, and leadership on this team. At least the '02-'03 team had a pulse. They were awful, but they played all forty minutes of basketball. This team is bad, real bad, and they're not going to get better anytime soon.

A. Bulluck

My bad, pretty sure it was the '01-'02?


Six weeks=season ending, unless we make the Final Four.

A. Bulluck

This team's season will end early on a Thursday afternoon in Greensboro when they tank in double overtime to Miami. Expect the game to be played in the 40s.


You will then be able to pick up ACC tourney ticket books from all over the Coliseum concourse, parking lot, Lee Street, Stamey's bathroom floor,...


At least we will get to see more of John Henson.

When Roy had the Blue Hose fan ejected, the season turned for the worse.

If the Heels finish last in regular season, they will play 5th seed in tourney, which at this point is UVA. We can beat UVA. UNC will be playing on Friday!

jeff thigpen

I'm on the three-year UNC fan plan...Looking forward to the 2012-13 team!


If only Roy was not so thin skinned,he would say this was a bump in the road; not a disaster equal to the earthquake in Haiti. I know,if coach K had said that; the UNC fans would be on him like dogs.

Ed Cone

He apologized for his dumb remark.

With the injury to Davis, this team may be bad enough for me to love.

Fred Gregory

And in this press conference after the NCS game Roy didn't re-apologize but didn't conclude till he was able to say it's only a game and hey y'all get real, in a nice way. A happy ending to a super weekend celebrating 100 years of Carolina basketball.

Ed Cone

The halftime introduction of letterman going to the '30s was great, and one always enjoys a win over State College.

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