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Feb 26, 2010


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Easley and the N&O have had less than warm fuzzy feelings about each other for a long time, well before the current investigation. I won't make excuses for any lapses on the paper's part, deferring to its editors. It may or may not be significant that their lead investigative reporter took a buyout (last year, I believe) in one of the several rounds of downsizing that have hit the N&O since the McClatchy purchase.

Steve Harrison

They're both black eyes, Ed.

But revalations about Republican Gubernatorial candidates' unrecorded and possibly unpaid-for flights is happening right now, and getting virtually no ink.

I don't expect any ink from the John Locke Foundation or its puppet Les Merrit, but the News & Observer and other publications (hint hint) have a duty to cover this with as much vigor as they're now covering Easley's flights, unless they want to be a party to the GOP riding the "Democrat corruption" bandwagon through this election season unscathed.

Campaign laws don't just apply to those who win elections.

Roger Greene

Which ones may have been in position to peddle influence, the winner or losers? Doesn't render their actions morally superior while campaigning, but I thought the whole Easley mess was linked to documented influence peddling or at least inferred by some subsequent links.


How about ethics and criminal laws? I think Lord Easley was jet setting beyond the campaign season.


A former Easley associate, when he was AG, told me that "Easley is not very bright and also lazy." The N&O's track record is so-so at best with Easley and others. I can't recall but didn't the N&O endorse Easley in General Elections....Twice?


I agree. Quite a few bloggers also ignored the story too while Easley was in office despite the fine reporting by that "right wing Pope puppet machine" Carolina Journal. I guess sometimes whether it's news depends on the source. CJ batted 1000 on the Easley story While England Slept...

Steve Harrison

Roger, the SBOE investigation and subsequent fines exclusively targeted unreported campaign contributions, mostly in the form of private airplane trips. Campaign stuff is all they're authorized to deal with.

The Federal investigation is focusing on influence peddling and such, which (as you say) deals with the winners of elections.

While the Republicans I mentioned don't have to worry about the second thing, they damned sure need to be looked at for the first thing.


Steve, you are correct. If they were in violation, levy the fines. Didn't Perdue have to pay a fine recently, as well?

Steve Harrison

I don't think she's been fined, Kim, but I believe her campaign committee went ahead and "settled up" with some people over old (travel) debts, including paying back Bev herself, if I'm not mistaken.


Thanks Steve

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