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Feb 16, 2010


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Account Deleted


Ed Cone

Documents released by the City in response to the QW FOIA request.

Account Deleted


Account Deleted

One would surmise that Ed posts this for a reason. I haven't followed the details close enough to know what that is.



Time line on he said she said?

Ed Cone

That was the day before the news broke on the new location (on which Skip served as broker).

You've got a deal where funding allocation was approved by the Council, and then the project changed dramatically (location, probably size), yet was still called the same project for funding purposes. Interesting to know who said what to whom.

Account Deleted

I knew there was some angle in the details. Did one of the research assistants on your crack staff at edcone.com dig that one up?


Question for Spag and anyone else with a license to practice law: Is this whole thing not looking more and more like a case of misappropriation of Federal Stimulus funds and possible felony charges for some of the key players?

Account Deleted

So when did the project change? We need news graphics or something. Can you get somebody on that?

  Jon A Firebaugh

I'm not familiar with FOIA proceures, but can I assume that once they are released they are open to the general public for review? If so, how does one obtain the documents?

Ed Cone

JAF, you can request them via email from the City Public Affairs Dept.

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