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Feb 14, 2010


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"Until then, Kaplan says, people are debating without knowing the particulars."

Please Randall Kaplan enlighten us all on the particulars or will the lawyer redact them.



Yes, Kaplan sounds pretty reasonable here, but triadwatch makes a really good point too about the need for transparency.

Ed Cone

You can't ignore the "until then" part, TW. There are no particulars yet.

How much detail will be forthcoming?

I asked him about the public's right to know about this deal, given the possible siting of a city garage and the use of tax-exempt bonds.

He acknowledged that there is more of a public stake in this project than in a purely private deal, but did not say how much info we would see.


As I stated before Kaplan and Chrisholm are still working on the plan addressing the recent feasibilty report. I was right that they are evaluating the number of rooms and the mix of retail/officee/restaurant, ect. 200 rooms is not set in stone and I think this project will evolve into more of a mixed-use project making it more viable.

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