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Feb 21, 2010


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Jack Hart

Well put Ed!


Ed I think opposition or concern about the hotel comes from both people looking at the viabilty and yes SOME racism. There will ALWAYS be those with racist views and they will turn this project into a referendum on Skip Alston and the Ole Ashboro Neighborhood. The truth is there are those in the community the dont want to see a black neighborhood succeed. I think in the case of this hotel, those people that think that way are a small minority and the majority of people looking at this are looking at the viability of the project and even the whole process. But I do have to ask what is in it for those who are making it thier mission to discourage this project from getting built considering that the risk is put on the backs of private investors and not the taxpayers? Why show great concern? I think in the end the developers will have a final product that will be successful but I get the feeling even if that were the case opponents will still try to find reasons not to support this hotel. People hate to admit when they are wrong.

Ed Cone

As noted, racists and random assholes are a fact of life.

But unless you are willing and able to pin the racial aspect on Quaintance and Weaver, and/or on specific journalists and bloggers who have reported and commented on this situation, or on specific politicians who have questioned the process, the race thing seems like an excuse not to discuss the issues of viability and process.

A. Bulluck

Morse is an idiot. No really, he's an idiot. I haven't seen many articles in the N&R about "negro brutes" roaming the streets of downtown Greensboro in pursuit of white, feminine pleasures of the flesh. Nor have I seen any articles about big and burly black men and women beating nameless white men, women, and children into oblivion. I guess any dickhead can get a Ph.D. these days.

Jack Hart

Tim, you said, "But I do have to ask what is in it for those who are making it thier mission to discourage this project from getting built considering that the risk is put on the backs of private investors and not the taxpayers?"
Because if it fails, and all indicators are that it will, we are stuck with a white elephant in the middle of town!
The stigma of that failure will preclude anything of value ever going in behind it. Look at Royal Villa.
AND, I know our screwed up government enough to know that somehow, the taxpayers will have to bail it out some way!

Andrew Brod

Apparently Bulluck is about to get a Ph.D.

Andrew Brod

P.S. My take on Larry Morse's column was similar to Ed's. I thought it was interesting but way off-topic. Of course for those who see racism everywhere, racism is always on-topic.


I have read on several occasions that a Letter of Credit would need to be secured to guarantee payment to the bondholders. Even if the LOC is only for a percentage of the total deal, I suspect it will be extremely difficult to secure the financing needed in this economic climate.


"Apparently Bulluck is about to get a Ph.D."

Oh, my!

Is someone's academic pedigree feeling insulted?

Ed Cone

Steve -- the LOC would seem hard to come by, but knowledgeable people have assured me it's quite possible with some relatively easy financial engineering.


Ed I think we all know what Q & W's motives are and it has nothing to do with race. But like you said there are the random ass holes out there where race is a factor. Some question viabilty based on the recent feasibilty report while others question the viability because there is so much African-American involvement in the project, lets get real. In regards to Deena Hayes and Alston bringing race into this, yes it was the race card because they were hinting Q & W's actions were racially motivated. Im sure they knew it had nothing to do with race and I think it was a calculating move to prevent others from openly fighting the project. The strategy seems to have worked but then again most citizens could care less.


Racism has been abused and misused regarding this project. Facts, just the facts are necessary but have been quite elusive week after week.


this is a project that was of little notice in the greater black community until.......Q&W decided to protest the hotel when it was moved to the new location. Blacks are now asking why protest NOW? Why didn't they make the threat of lawsuits when it was across Lee St.
I went to the ICRCM today with my senior citizen mother (who isn't a fan of Skip)and she said that she felt it was racism. This is an educated black woman who DOES'T play the race card.
So to all of you in your little greensboro blogosphere bubble, the actions of Q&W may not be racism (?)but to the black community it looks that way. Where are the black voices that feels like ed and andrew? Have you wondered why there is such a SHARP divide on this topic and it is based on race? It can't be that ALL black people in Greensboro are idiots who will mindlessly follow skip over the cliff.
I know that when racism is the topic it makes whites uncomfortable. Especially whites who view themselves as liberal and progressives. But this hotel issue is making a lot of black folks look at these (progressives)people differently. I guess that is one good thing that has come out of this fiasco. We now know where everyone stands and feels.
Q&W has open up a hornets nest with their antics. They can continue saying that it isn't about Ole Ashborough and the developers and ed can continue being their cheerleader until they are blue in the face. It is just that 30% of Greensboro will and do view it differently.
The next city council elections should be mighty interesting.


Stakeholder, oops I mean...anom, please stop speaking for the "black community" as if you've or your mother have knocked on every door. It is not racism but the courage of two individuals acting upon what black, white, indian, latino or any other race of people who care about the OUR city question as a sound investment not only in the here and now but also the future. Your slick reverence to the simpkins pac is weak at best. Perhaps there are some districts that need to be educated on who & what they are voting on. Its amazing what happens when the conscience is awakened. Maybe its you who is racist!


"most citizens could care less." -- Tim

Do you understand what it means to write that?


"We now know where everyone stands and feels." -- Brave anonymous commenter

Everyone? Really? What was that you were saying about idiots?


But Roch, he's right. I know I could care a lot less.

Ed Cone

"Why didn't they make the threat of lawsuits when it was across Lee St"?

Just guessing, but because that project was scuttled just two weeks after approval -- it was moved before the problems with the approval process were widely understood -- and maybe because nobody ever believed it would happen in the first place.

Also, given that Kaplan, House & Co -- the partners at the new site -- are white, isn't opposing the current location even less race-sensitive than opposition at the old site would have been?


LOL! Me too Thomas. Not a whole lot less, but I could are a little less.


Is there something going on behind the scenes that we don't know about? Tonight city council tabled plans for a downtown parking deck. They didnt believe there was a need for one despite the fact that city staff said all the city decks were at capacity. Something else was also odd. Tonight City staff recommened a deck at Greene and McGee which is nowhere near the proposed hotel site yet we have been hearing talks between city staff and the hotel developers about a deck near the hotel. Are there two parking deck proposals? or is city council holding out to see what happens with this hotel project?


Also I couldnt help but notice...all of a sudden its Kaplans project and people have forgotten about Chrisholm. Not sure if that was intentional or not but some would say the project now has a "white face". Believe it or not, there is a mindset out there by some that black people just cant get projects of this nature off the ground and you can understand why some believe that race is a factor. Afterall the developer is being treated like a child with everyone, at least in the media and on the blogs, asking so many questions about this like they dont know what they are doing and its not like this project is being funded with tax dollars. Chrisholm and Kaplan are fine tuning thier hotel plans as we speak. These are smart people. But it seems that people on the opposing side already have thir minds made up.

Ed Cone

Tell "some" to call me, Tim, I'd like to do an interview.

Kaplan's the guy who represented the project in front of Council. His group had the previous HVS study done for its long-planned hotel idea. I've spoken directly to Kaplan, Weaver, Quaintance, Knight, Perkins, and others, and used Catanoso's interviews with Chisholm to inform my reporting.

But this elusive "some" keeps cropping up, and apparently plays a very important role in this issue.

I'd hate for anyone to think that "some" is a diversion -- a way to keep from focusing on the details -- so let's get "some" on the record asap.

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