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Feb 27, 2010


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Don Moore

That's the video where Robbie is identified as the Chairman of the City Council... It's actually funny that he gave that impression to the young reporter. WGHP has since corrected the web report; but they have not re-edited the video.

Back to the coliseum... Personally, I believe that if we told Matt Brown to get the coliseum off the tax payer books, he could come up with a plan. He did once before and we rejected it. He's not dumb, he could find a way to turn this turkey into a tax generating property.

Now's the time to strike, with the Carolina Blue ACC Tournament looking sad this year, people might not object to a change in ownership.

Ed Cone

How do you know that Perkins "gave that impression" that he held a non-existent title?


His power tie?

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