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Feb 01, 2010


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Roy is still trying to run like he has Lawson, Ellington, Green, and Psycho T; however, in reality, it's a very far cry from that group. He is getting run out of the gym. This team doesn't have the firepower to over come the 15-20 point deficits. Slow it down and keep the turnovers to a minimum and they might have a chance. Otherwise, Hello NIT.

Account Deleted

I think he may have lost the team. When Carolina was running their half-court set about six minutes into the game Deon had the ball in the high spot and whipped a pass over to Ginyard on the left side in front of UVa's bench.

Problem was, Ginyard had cut to the baseline and the pass hit a UVa player on the bench.

When your senior guard and senior power forward can't run the offense, that says something very bad about the team.


The talent isn't there. When Will Graves is in your starting five, that says something very bad about the team.

Ed Cone

No question there's less talent than we've seen in the past.

But as the '93 championship team showed, a cohesive, disciplined group can go far. Everyone on that team knew his role, while this one is searching for the right mix.

Graves has played well, but he's obviously no superstar.

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