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Feb 25, 2010


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Jim Caserta

Any thoughts on a Piedmont Triad Partnership plan vs. one that focuses on either GSO or W-S?

Andrew Brod

JC, that might be doable if Google's upper bound of 500,000 is the number of people served rather than the community's population. (For the former, would Google get a head count per household?)

If it's population, then a regional proposal would be tough to put together. Guilford's population alone is close to the upper bound, and adding Forsyth puts it over 800K. Restricting it to GSO, W-S, and HP yields a population of about 530K. But PTP is very sensitive to its rural counties (as it should be), and I doubt it'd promote something that serves only the region's two big counties or its three big cities.

Greensboro's population was about 237K in 2006. What percentage of them have broadband Internet access?


Maybe they were at the Deandome. Nah, that place was empty.

Jim Caserta

I think your percentage would be better stated as 'access to broadband internet'. You'd want to count a home that T-W hits or is DSL ready, or close enough to a wireless network, but that doesn't currently have broadband access.

Probably not the best for PTP.


Well Greensboro certainly needs to leverage the idea that the city would be the perfect test city because Greensboro is in the middle in terms of size. There are urban and rural elements in this area so we kinda represent all of America. Greensboro's location is a factor and we have a strong higher educational presense here. But a regional Piedmont Triad proposal isnt a bad idea either. Google may want to see how thier system affect certain industries and there is a strong banking and bioscience research sector in Winston-Salem. Greensboro is stong in aviation, logistics and distribution and we see manufacturing as well so there is a broad spectrum of industry in this area.


but yes like others said above the problem with a regional approach is that the population would be to high. But a regional approach is certanly unique.

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