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Feb 25, 2010


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Account Deleted

Hey that's Cone and Smith Jr. in that video! You go boys.

Ed Cone

I should have warned people. It's good despite such lapses.

Other stations covered the fact of the meeting, but Fox8 is the only coverage I've seen of the meeting's actual content.

I thought I saw WXII in the house, but have not seen anything there other than the stage-setting clip linked last night.


I tend to appreciate folks who "walk the walk". Way to go to all those who attended and spoke. Thanks. And thanks to Fox 8.


Looks like you and the Page student had better PR people than the other speakers. Who are they? (The other speakers, I mean--not your PR guys.)

Andrew Brod

I've found Fox8 to be erratic in their identification of interviewees and speakers. Sometimes they do it and sometimes they don't.


Is that the real Andrew Brod or the shapeshifting Jay Ovittore?


You had a close up @ 12 o'clock on WXII. Do you recall the interview?

Brad Krantz

An (unintentional) oversight on my part. Our not mentioning this story is surely just one of many items we've occasionally missed the morning after. But I can assure you it had nothing to do with anyone, anywhere exerting anything resembling anything in terms of pressure to lay off the story. How arrogant would it be to think that if Brad and Britt would just simply ignore this story, the issue would: A. die on the vine; or B. not be heard by the hundreds of thousands of our listeners who would be tempted IMMEDIATELY to drop their bundled cable/RR package, even before the idea was reality, costing a good, quality advertiser money. It was just a good, old-fashioned case of oversight. Or as they like to say in the political world, mistakes were made. We will certainly mention it Friday or next week.

As for the previous issue over bandwidth... that was case where we decided discretion was the better part of valour. You'll have to take my word for it. True radio geeks of a certain age know the name Rick Sklar, who programmed WABC to national prominence in the 1960's and '70 with a very limited playlist of songs. His most famous statement about the music: "You can't get hurt by what you don't play."

If we dish it out, we should be able to take it.

Ed Cone


Nobody thinks you think you can kill the story by ignoring it.

We just thought what you acknowledge here -- that your fearless program found something it feared, and truckled to a major advertiser rather than covering a story that seemed tailor-made for you.

Glad to hear that won't be the case this time.

Kim, I do remember talking to a camera, but the clip does not seem to be online, so does it truly exist in this modern world? And why are you watching teevee at lunch?


On the eliptical baby!

Andrew Brod

Roch, that was me. And so is this. Not there's anything wrong with being Jay.


As someone who's given them TWC guff in the past, I'm glad to hear Brad & Britt will be covering the Google story. Looking forward to it.



"Supers" (superimposed graphic lettering identifying talking head) only appear when yakker is on screen for five seconds or more. Often visual pacing dictates that said head is covered by "b-roll" ('background' footage). If you'll notice, talking head is usually "supered" once during the "package" (pre-recorded, reporter narrated piece), but not during shorter, subsequent appearances. I agree with the need for identification, but as a photog, I'd reduce all that screen clutter to semi-transparent mice type.

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