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Feb 01, 2010


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Here's an opportunity for us to tap that creativity we've been talking about. It'll be interesting to see how this council and manager pursue the budget this year. I was not impressed by the process last year - the public hearings the city did last year were more like public "tellings". I hope this council really listens to the citizens this year during the budget meetings. I'd like to see more emphasis on rebuilding neighborhoods and repaving streets and pursuing long-forgotten projects rather than the new fangled ones like the Aquatic Center, new Parks, new libraries, new roads. Let's focus on taking care of what we already have without burdening ourselves with new projects.


I hope the CC prioritizes sensibly w/o politics. Definitely fix what we have. Delay or postpone with thought. Be wary of losing bids and wasting money already spent. Dont knee jerk. Pay particular attention to facilities that will bring money to town via sales tax/hotel tax, etc. But no sacred cows. Even mine!

As I said elsewhere.... in short, do your jobs.


Good, maybe it will wean people off of government. Sorry, but I'm just not scared.


Spag - care to be more constructive? Which parts of government should we be weaning ourselves from? Police protection, fire protection, parks, streets? I think lean times always provide a good time to focus on what the essential services of our government should be, but I'm interested in discussion of just what those things are.


The other thing the City refused to do last year is look at ways to raise revenues - they only focused on cuts. That's a poor way to run a business. It's a poor way to run a government. Proposing cuts is easy and popular; proposing raising revenues takes leadership. Which councilperson will lead?

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