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Feb 24, 2010


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Oh to be king for a day...if that bridge was in Wake or Wilson County and Jim Hunt had to cross it to get to his farm, it would have been replaced a decade ago.


Excuse me, Wilson is in Johnston County


Wrong again, had it right the first time.Signed confused

Andrew Brod

Not to be alarmist, but every time I cross the Yadkin River bridge, I think of another bridge I used to drive across quite often.

Andrew Brod

On the other hand, the needs in NC are massive, and it's not just bridges. The NC chapter of the ASCE, which does the infrastructure report card, estimated in 2007 that necessary repairs and maintenance will cost $95 billion over 20 years. The stimulus package's $735 million grant to NC is a drop in the bucket.

Anyway, it's possible that the "equity funding" scheme actually is addressing critical needs even as it ignores the one bridge that most of us know about. We can only hope that NCDOT did some cost-benefit analysis prior to making its spending decisions, even if that analysis is constrained by "equity funding."


With a situation this bad, sure makes me excited to add more miles to maintain in the form of completed loops around Charlotte and GSO.

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