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Jan 19, 2010


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KH: "a lot of people are the opposite of you, thinking we shouldn't even have done it...'

EC: "But they're wrong."

Who's the reporter and who's the senator here?!

Just joshin'--good interview.

Brandon Burgess

Insightful interview


Exactly, CP. It's great that Ed was able to speak with interview, but he is clearly engaged in advocacy journalism here, injecting his own opinions and seek confirmation of them. I give Hagan credit for not always playing along.


Now let's see if I can write another garbled sentence by typing too fast.

Ed Cone

I knew that Hagan thinks people who opposed any stimulus were wrong, as she voted for the stimulus package in the United States Senate.

But, sure, I interviewed her with a point of view, and with a less formal approach than one might commonly find with a United States Senator, and I think it worked pretty well.

Good on her for taking the time to speak with a local blogger.

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