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Jan 06, 2010


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even the rich travel by train ;)


Timmy's back and still slinging BS! "ez motorbikes in case you havent noticed this country went through a financial crisis recently. Banks aren't lending for much of anything these days."

Lest we forget it was overblown and unneeded DEVELOPMENT that started the financial crisis you speak of. So instead of building more downtown condos he can't fill, Uncle Milton and company switch to building motels that can't be filled.

And for you to say that it won't cost the taxpayers proves you either don't understand bonds or are just plain lying.

Like I said elsewhere, I'll be happy to drive my bulldozer on Elm Street anytime you like.


I'm not against high speed rail but you can bet that high speed rail will never be built in downtown Greensboro. You can expect those 300 MPH trains to circle just outside of the city and touch down near PTI.

Can anyone reading this thread actually believe anyone with a brain would build elevated tracks and send high speed trains zooming through downtowns? The right-of-ways will need to be 500' wide just to keep the vortex from sucking bystanders under the train.

Steve Harrison

"it also has an allocation of $12.7 million in Recovery Zone Economic Development Bonds. If the project is eligible for both types of bond, that'd get us to $30 million.'

My understanding is those (RZED) bonds can be used for infrastructure improvements, education/training programs or improvements on existing (private) businesses in support of said training, but are not supposed to be used to finance new private sector projects. But I've already been wrong once or twice in this thread, so...


"even the rich travel by train ;)"

The "rich" will be the primary beneficiaries in the HSR plan the Obama Administration has proposed.

As many previously have noted, HSR is no "Interstate 2.0".

Why else does it not measure up?

"Dropping you off a few blocks from your destination" is a simplified one size fits all rationale, particularly as the usual reality results in taxi or car rental to complete the initial trip, and is likely required for the duration.

Peons in the hinterlands won't get to participate in HSR, and peons on the route's proposed way stations (like us) may find the program a little too expensive and inconvenient to use.

Let's not even discuss the disaster of a regional light rail favored by some of the "business as usual" types. Here's an example of one of the many problems that sort of thing imposes:

"It's not about population density per se. It's about how many independent, hard-to-connect nodes the system has and that is why high-speed rail on the whole works better in Europe or Japan than in many other locales.

To give an example from a slightly different realm, I live right near the Metro in a high-density suburban area. Yet I don't take the Metro to my Arlington office, which is about two minutes from a Metro stop. I'd rather do the 37-minute drive.

Why? Because I stop at the supermarket and the public library on my way home at least half of the time or maybe I stop to eat at Thai Thai. If those conveniences were right next to my house I'd consider the Metro but they're not. The fact that my neighborhood has lots of people doesn't help me any. In Tokyo you could live for years within the confines of many (most?) individual city blocks."

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