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Jan 17, 2010


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Is that what Jim Melvin texted to Perkins for him to say?

Nothing worse than a kept man.


The submitted deal was for the Ole Asheboro location.

David Wharton

The minutes also say this:

Andy Scott, Acting Assistant Manager of Economic Development, spoke to the item as part of the Recovery and Stimulus allocations; that the item consisted of procedural matter to meet an arbitrary deadline to register for funding; that the state was attempting to tally up project allocations; and that three projects met project minimum requirements and would be brought back to Council in January 2010 for final approval. Additional discussion emphasized project registration guidelines and the transferability of funds between the City and Guilford County.

I have never known Andy not to know exactly what he's talking about. Has the mayor talked with him?

Ed Cone

Mayor Knight told me he spent hours getting up to speed on this issue in recent days, including calls to experts in Raleigh. It would be odd if he has not spoken with his own staff.

The news comes as surprise to those who voted in December. One supposes it comes as a surprise to staff as well.


folks this is the new mayor and new council we elected. When you elect people with very little experience in government, things like this happen. Just maybe some of the veterans who supported the project knew what they were voting on ;) I guess if there is no revote on the issue, this hotel project is moving forward.


Or maybe somebody from another city, forewarned, jumped in and grabbed all of ours.


Folks, this is just the kind of whoring you would expect from kept men who are sent out to do the bidding of more powerful men who want business as usual when it comes to fleecing the public for personal gain. When you elect people who aren't bought and paid for, this kind of backlash is to be expected.

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