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Jan 23, 2010


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wonder why they are doing this?

Once it becomes a court case it takes on a whole new wrinkle like it did in the text messages robbie did in that court case.

It would be interesting to see a timeline of how long this has been in the works and e mails even text messages as well to see how it all came about.

Welcome to guilford county politics.


I don't wonder why Mike Weaver is party to this - he's an up-front businessman and philanthropist. It's no secret either that Quaintance-Weaver is a business and builds hotels (among other things). The governmental actions in this fiasco are, well, a fiasco. It smacks of pols who are voting on things they don't understand and didn't take the time to research (and blame on city staff but I think there's dual complicity of fault; if you cast a vote, you need to know what you voted for). Makes me wonder about the responsibility accepted by each city council member for their votes.


"says it "put the clamps" on his ability to comment on any aspect of the bond discussion."

Why? There should be no reason why an elected representative cannot continue to comment as long as he is being accurate and honest.

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