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Jan 25, 2010


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Jordan Green

Ed, I think we're basically on the same page. At its heart, I think this should be a debate about whether this project leverages land, finance and a tool of the federal stimulus program to the maximum advantage of everyone in job creation, tax base expansion and downtown vitality. People of intelligence and good conscience should be able to disagree on the answer. The notion that people who are opposed to the project or want to scrutinize it are racist seems like a needless distraction. Likewise, some of the discourse on local blogs suggesting Deena, Skip and Bridget are part of a nefarious scheme to divide Greensboro and enrich themselves, it seems to me, exaggerates the matter and adds to the static.


Freudian? From the first page of the "Current Ethics Training Opportunities" document: "1. Guilford County will host an Ethics Training Class for Elected Officials in the COG region on February 16, 2010 from 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. at the Guilford County Agricultural Center, 3309 Burlington Road, Greensboro. The cost is $10.00 per attendee and includes a continental breakfast, materials and a certificate of completion. Resignation is attached for your convenience."

Account Deleted

I called a well placed individual within the state county commissioner structure and read this to them:

"Skip Alston is the real estate broker for the proposed downtown hotel project. A county commissioner, he was negotiating with hotel developers while his colleagues voted on a funding measure for the project, a fact he did not disclose before the vote. He has refused to divulge the amount he will be paid for his role as a broker on the deal."

They were very hesitant to offer and opinion, but did sound curious at the circumstances.

The person suggested a call to County Attorney Marc Payne to determine if there are any ethical violation on Alston's part. The person said Payne came from a county where a commissioner had a lot of real estate holdings.

The person said that if Payne is unavailable, place a call to Freyda Bluenstein at the IOG at UNC.


Elaine, that is rich...


honestly I dont give a hoot nanny what Skip Alston gets out of this. Thats not even the issue. Some how this turned into race and conspiracy theories instead of judging this project on its on merits. If Skip Alson makes money so what. If hes is a county commissioner, so what. Point is he didnt vote so there for no conflict of interest. Thats should be a dead issue. I dont know where people are getting the idea that the city is trying to hide information. Dennis and Weaver are the ones who brought on the law suit. That was pretty extreme and a step they didnt have to do. The city is in the process of making all information regarding the issue public so whats the problem?


Attempting to obtain what is rightly yours to have is considered an "extreme measure"?

What is extreme is when you request what is rightly yours to have and are stonewalled by the entity required by law to give it to you. Then you have no choice but to sue.

What is also extreme is the rosy scenario that Tim keeps painting while he bobs and weaves and has an answer for every contingency- sometimes to the point of contradiction. Maybe not actually extreme, but certainly a spectacle. I particularly like the part where a hotel downtown is a great idea- but only if built by these developers and through Recovery Zone Bonds. Tell me he isn't being paid by someone to lobby the blogs.

If anything, that shows that some people are beginning to realize that the blogs are driving public opinion on local issues or at the very least, shaping the debate. Lobbying on blogs might be a pretty good career move if you're good at it, which he isn't.


who said they were stonewalled? Also in most development cases there are things that are confidential for a certain period of time or for certain legal reasons. Its not an attempt to keep anything from the public. But nobody has anything to hide here and any claims that there is some cover up is as rediculous as anyone making claims or racism.


If you have to file suit, it's usually because you've been stonewalled. But I wouldn't know anything about that. I agree that claims of racism with regard to this project are ridiculous.

"Also in most development cases there are things that are confidential for a certain period of time or for certain legal reasons" Like what? I am not aware of any exception to the public records law for such a thing except perhaps the bidding process and that only applies when public funds are being used, something that you swear isn't the case here.


Anyone notice Timmy's echo? It's because he's shouting from the bottom of a dry downtown well and Lassie is nowhere to be found.

Timmy, have you ever told the truth?

Account Deleted

Hayes declined to go on camera with News 2 and Alston did not return their phone calls.

What does that tell you?


RecycleBill...you wouldnt happen to be Bill Burckley?


I saw the news segment a few minutes ago. I think we can all agree that race has no place in this issue. "black owned hotel" vs "white owned hotel" very devisive.


No Timmy, I told you the other day, my name is Billy Jones, aka RecycleBill, aka EZ Greensboro, aka Billy The Blogging Poet. If you would actually read what others post instead of simply spewing propaganda then you would have known that already.

Now put the rope around your neck and let us pull you out of that well. Then you can go play fetch with Lassie and all will be fine. You know how you love to fetch the stick when Lassie throws it, now let us help you out of the well before it gets too dark.


Billy the blogging poet? well that explains it. I knew we had kids posting here.


What's in it for you Tim? Clearly, there is something. Honesty is the best policy.

Ed Cone

Stop with the rope stuff, please, Billy.

Plenty to talk closer to the subject at hand.



Come on Timmy, answer the questions or crawl back into your cave.

Ed, my apologies for the rope-- I just now realized the connotations... Guess I just got caught up in the fun of watching Timmy make a complete fool of himself with every post.

I dare say, in all the years we've been doing this, Timmy is one of the worst political plants we've ever seen. He's yet to convince anyone of anything. You'd think with so many people out of work his bosses could have found someone better with a brush.

I suspect tomorrow we'll see someone take Timmy's place.


bill lets see you laugh when this hotel gets built


Tim, IF the hotel gets built and IF it stays open profitably for a minimum of seven years from opening, then I'll be happy to meet you in the bar and buy you a drink and let you laugh at me all you like ... if you'll be willing to identify yourself and your interest in this project right now.

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