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Jan 29, 2010


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And no teleprompter in sight. Course the Fox spin will be that he referred to Jeb as Jim, so how can we believe the guy?

Andrew Brod

All the goo-goos who've been calling for an American version of Prime Minister's Questions are all atwitter, as opposed to all a-Twitter.

Account Deleted

I was impressed. He looked Wilsonian. Why not go after little steps to start with.


Why in the pluperfect hell was Frank Luntz even in the room?


Just watched the whole Q&A session. The discussion was frank, fresh and informative. The President refuted talking point after talking point and conceded when he was wrong on several points. The fact that he can stand there for over an hour and conduct a clear and concise discussion about all of these issues is one of the reasons why I voted for him.

Bush had the attention span of a flea, he would never have been able to do this or communicate with facts so effectively. And Joe is right, no teleprompter in sight. The GOP will NEVER agree to doing this again in public. Too bad because I learned a lot.


The meeting was 10 days after the special election in Massachusetts cost Democrats their 60-vote supermajority in the Senate. What happened in Massachusetts is stunning, the President's actions were merely a response.


"Why in the pluperfect hell was Frank Luntz even in the room?'

Probably just to aggravate people like you.

Good job, Frank


"the President's actions were merely a response"

So the quality of the response is irrelevant?

Andrew Brod

I think the event made Obama look big the GOPers rather small, not because of anything they did or said, but because they gave the president a stage on which he was able to shine. I agree with Ged in wondering if the GOP will let that happen again. If I were Obama, I'd do it every week if given the opportunity.

Andrew Brod

...and the GOPers rather small...

That might make it easier to read.

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