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Jan 26, 2010


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A friend and reporter in Charleston told me some bizarre stories about Bauer last night over dinner. Must be something in the water.


I'm so confused.

Andrew Brod

"Look at all those fat people walking out of Weight Watchers! What are they feeding them in there?"

Fred Gregory


You delight in posting Jon Stewart clips that trash Rs.

But ignore the rare ocassions when he turns on Ds like This One


You delight...But ignore

Tu quoque, touché, Tüdelü.

Account Deleted

Thank Allah or whomever you chose that we do not live in South Carolina.

I mean, seriously, cold heartedness is so much worse than malfeasance, cronyism and corruption.


exclusionary behavior and dysgenics should become a familiar topic as portfolios decline. The Netherlands, New Zealand, France and Switzerland are months ahead of SC in proposing legislation against an "appalling underclass" minority. Reid's remark to the dysgenic Negro traits was mentioned in a recent publication as we all know. He got a pass and a pat on the ass while markets were at recovery highs. He'll be remembered later on.


I hate to say it, but the brilliance of the Olbermann decimation almost makes up for Ed's usual propagandizing use of Stewart, which had misleadingly painted him to be a one-sided hateful Maher-esque worm in my eyes. Now I have a new measure of respect for the man and can laugh with him whichever side he's trashing.

Andrew Brod

What laughable revisionism, that Reid addressed "dysgenic Negro traits." I think he said Obama speaks well, thereby offending Michael Steele and millions of white Republicans.


I think he really said Obama speaks well for a black man if you want an honest context. I also seem to recall a number of black Democrats who were offended as well- but few white liberals, who save their cache of phony outrage for Republicans who say what Reid did.


Not everyone's outrage is phony, Spag. Bauer's comments are more outrageous than Reid's, but racism and/or cluelessness should be deplored, regardless of souce.

Account Deleted

I hope the voters direct some rage at the NC Democratic Party this fall and hold them accountable for the outrageous malfeasance of Basnight, Rand and Easley.

Voters in North Carolina should focus like a laser on that issue and not allow the Democratic machine in North Carolina to bait and switch with the usual "look over there" tactic.


Andrew: The laughable part of the whole thread is the blithe attitude toward the clinical eugenics in the womb and disposal of the tissue of the unwanted future burdens to society. But once the surviviors of liberal eugenics reach the age of reckoning, free lunches and the government teat, a mystical right to the spoils of the productive replaces the irrevocable right to dispose of the black and poor dysgenic future criminal growth in the womb. It's ok to kill a future burden to society but don't threaten to cut the calories after the dysgenic tissue has survived the womb and the clinic. That makes me laugh.

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