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Jan 20, 2010


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Randy's mom can stop washing cars.


Milt can settle his bar tabs.


Roy isn't the biggest fool downtown.


it would be interesting to do a foi request between alston and chisholm for emails and other communications. Ed talk to someone a news and record for a foi request.


Official response: "Nothing to see or read here. Let's move forward."


Someone needs to ask Alston how much money he gets if this deal comes together. Are there any ethics rules that require an elected official to disclose any business relationship with matters that are before the city or county?

Joe Guarino

One of the most recent impressions conveyed has been that Alston will not receive a brokerage fee since there is no property transfer taking place. Is that true or false?

Joe Guarino

Also, does Chisholm get paid if the hotel is not profitable?

As Keith has previously suggested, the names of all the investors need to be divulged.

Ed Cone

Joe, I believe Chisholm gets paid up front, before the project is even completed; her take is not contingent upon its success.

I have not heard that Alston does not get paid -- he brokered the deal, and brokers tend to get paid.

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