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Jan 27, 2010


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Fox News stopped by the Iconfactory this morning to get a few of us fanboy's takes on the whole thing. No clue if it'll make it to air, but it was fun!


Is this what the Democrats meant by more Jobs? Crockenfrackenflagger.


You got me.. the photo wasn't big enough for me to register Harrison Ford at first, and for about two seconds I actually wondered where the Ark ended up and how they tracked it down.

Perhaps in a few thousand years, archaeologists and conspiracy theorists will hunt for the mythical lost Apple Tablet.


Well, happily, I no longer have any need to carry a computer around with me, so I'm not in the prime demographic for an iPad.

As far as remembering things, I clearly remember the first Apollo landing. My parents had gone on vacation and left me behind. I think we are a technological species through and through, so our failure to follow through on those few missions counts as a Very Big Failure in my book.

Also recall vividly the JFK, RFK, and MLK murders. The 1989 collapse of the Berlin Wall, not so much. But, I have a vivid memory of Christmas Day, 1991 when the Russian flag replaced the hammer and sickle over the Kremlin.

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