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Jan 28, 2010


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Clark is on to something, and Alston isn't the only local official who seems to be using his position to profit.

Joe Guarino

The problem is that the US Attorney handling the Poole case does not cover our area. We are in a different district, with a different US Attorney who, I believe, was recently appointed.


Spot on Doug Clark! And yes, it's just not Alston and Hayes who should come under greater scrutiny. Maybe we should call in Joe Sinsheimer to look into this culture of entitlement among many of our locally elected officials. Also, did anyone notice column by Weaver and Quaintance where they say Federal bond monies will pay 12.5 million for Empire Room and that is high? Are investors such as Kaplan, House, Kern, etc. trying to get off the hook for being personally responsible to their bank- something about a recourse loan- and using these stimulus funds to take care of their responsibility? Maybe they don't care if it's feasible as long as they can cover their existing loan and make some money as well.


I think I wrote pretty much the same thing as Doug Clark did in a comment on this blog a few days ago, and on Guarino's last week. Hmmm. It's actually kind of funny in a way.

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