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Jan 25, 2010


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One thing I will say Ed. Everything on this issue thats been reported in the newspaper and on television has been reported here first.

Ed Cone

Not everything has been here first -- Biz Journal, Jordan, Triad Watch, and N&R have all pushed this forward.

But it all ends up here.

Tony Wilkins

As a big blog promoter I was surprised to hear nothing from you on Danny Thompson's revelation that bloggers played a big role in his city council victory.

Ed Cone

Didn't see that one, TW, sorry.

My guess is that the Rhino moves a lot more voters than blogs do, but I do think blogs can make a difference in a tight, low-turnout race.


more info for you complements of digtriad,

i went ahead and hat tipped them and put this document on post at triadwatch.


blair kolb

I'm here because of my desire to find out as much as possible about this issue. I'll stay because because this type of discussion is vital to our democracy. Thank you to all that participate.


"There’s some amount of reporting that [blogs] do but not a whole lot on the things we care about." -- ???


"But it all ends up here."

...or on Guarino's site, or Triadwatch, or Piedmont Publius....

Your premise is correct, but the self-patting on the back is erroneous but typical. Regardless, I think the powers that be locally have learned the role blogs play in shaping the debate and that is why I fully expect more "Tim's" to drop in and lobby in the future.


Do you think he meant "here" as in Ed Cone's blog or "here" as in the local blogs? I read the latter.

Ed Cone

It helps to read the comments in order.

I was responding to comment that said everything in the N&R and TV is reported here first.

I said no, the N&R does original reporting, and a lot of stuff comes from other sources, but it all ends up here.

Not a knock on other blogs, just a factual statement in response to an overly-laudatory remark.

Joe Killian

This story is a great example of why it's nice to live in a city like Greensboro, where so many different kinds of media - including blogs - can all go at a story, teasing out and dissecting all of it out along the way.

Brian Clarey

Yes, great work everybody. Now get back to it — we've got deadlines, people!

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