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Jan 07, 2010


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Andrew Brod

If you were from Minneesohta, they might remind you of Sven and Ole jokes.


I think it was promised they would get ownership. That of course was before they moved the hotel location. Moving it was a smart move because it will be in the heart of the entertainemnt and restuarant district. Its really smart to attach it to the Elm Street Center. Another great thing to see is another local investor getting involved which helps makes this project more feasible. One idea I have is to name this hotel the "King Cotton Hotel" after the 1926 14-story downtown hotel that was demolished in the early 70s. The O'Henry was revived so why not the King Cotton? Coincidently this proposed hotel location is just accross the street (on Davie) from where the King Cotton Hotel stood. I think reviving a historic Greensboro hotel with 1920s luxury style will make this hotel stand out from all the rest in Greensboro.


you mean ole not old.

There is a lot of behind the scenes that needs to be addressed on this issue especially the relationship with henry isaacson representing the association. Did they pay him? and How much? If this whole ordeal is going to get any tax dollars than all the players and relationships need to be addressed. WE have seen the elm street partners are a group of a dozen people but we know of 4 with reports and who are the other 8 investors. It is called transparency and plenty of local politicians need to understand this aspect of government .


I'd agree if there were funds available.


I have no idea, Ed, and I think it's a very good question. What does the neighborhood association bring to the table? What are the profit sharing specs? What jobs are involved or have been promised? Inquiring commenters would like to know.


Ms. Chisholm's history indicates a good grasp on how to leverage public money for her own benefit.

The Ole Asheboro folks appear to be well meaning.

Whether either is capable of knowing whether to defecate or wind their watch when it comes to running a mid-major hotel is in doubt.

I'm far more inclined to trust Quaintance on this one; he knows the subject, and has proven (at least to me) to be on the up-and-up.

Which one of the (wrestler) Anderson's had the neck twitch?

Gray Newman

Gene Anderson, Ole's "brother", drove a school bus here in Charlotte. He did it on the side while he was still wrestling because his daughter went to a small Catholic school and this was a way for him to help out.

That was back in the day when professional wrasslers were still local heros and not the over hyped steriod junkies they are today.

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