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Jan 28, 2010


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Tony Wilkins

Agreed. But I'm not going to say it out loud or tell anyone or post this comment on your blog.


Apparently no one told them that paper is dying. If your efforts in the media business isn't mostly centered on expanding online by now, you've missed the milk train.

Ed Cone

I think alt weeklies are in a somewhat different situation than some other genres, and that free papers may be a sustainable business for some time to come.

More from that 2006 post: Willy would rather invest in a cash-spinning real estate insert and let others pioneer local online publishing.

It's a reasonable play in the short term, yet there are risks to being overly cautious. The move to online sites of local classified ads, along with real estate and entertainment ads, is a question of when and not if; this won't be the death of free weekly print pubs, which will still have great utility, but the price pressure on print ad rates may be nontrivial.

In terms of actual news delivery, there's no question that an early '00s web strategy is outdated.


Yeah, but Orson Scott Card!! Yippee!!!!

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