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Jan 28, 2010


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Account Deleted

Well said, Ed.

Dr. Mary Johnson

Not so fast, Jeff.

"Perceived threats"?

I know I'm just a booger-eating moron from Randolph County (who didn't vote for Edwards or Sleazely), but it seems to me that a whole lot of people thought those threats were very real . . . to the point that criminal charges for extortion might be in order.

Account Deleted

MJ: I was well-saiding Ed's last paragraph.


Succinct and to the point. I'm in agreement with Jeffrey.


What Jeffery said.

Don Moore

Skip's done extremely well for himself. Can't blame him to cutting a few corners to make a buck.


i still want to have a dump the developer party on plenty of officials plus all of these boards and commissions in guilford county.

Account Deleted

@Don:"Can't blame him to cutting a few corners to make a buck."

Dude, are you serious? Wait, I forgot, it's ok for Democrats in North Carolina. Hell, it's their legacy.

Dr. Mary Johnson

Nothing wrong with Ed's last paragraph - IF some of the pols he's swooned over actually practiced what he preaches.

Ed Cone

Jeff, I think Don was making with the ironic.


I think with "Skip" threatening our city council members with a recall, he should be the target of the recall.

Account Deleted

@Ed: I can be dense at times.

You go Don!

Tony Wilkins

John, there is no recall available for county officials.
The Greensboro Charter allows the process for elected city councilors.
That section of the charter was recently changed without much publicity.


I wonder what the chances are of getting commissioners elected who will change commissioners terms from four years to two. Do we really benefit from having a body so inoculated against change?

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