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Dec 16, 2009


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This prosperity gospel thing must be the biggest con since reverend Ike and his "Send all your money to God, care of me" scam.

Smells like some self-serving after the fact justification by rich people, and all those middle class people who think they've failed if they don't become rich. And smoe handy before the fact justification for doing anything to get rich: God absolves all sin as long as it brings in some cash.

In any case, as I recall, Jesus had some things to say about matters of wealth and poverty.

Ed Cone

There's obviously a disconnect between the PG and the whole camel/eye-of-needle thing...but this line from the Slate article does make it sound somewhat less appalling: "The idea that you can change your own circumstances, that you should remain optimistic, is so deeply American," says Jonathan Walton, a professor of religious studies at California, Riverside who calls it the "ruby slipper" religion.

Big difference between can-do optimism and God Wants U 2 B Rich!!!, of course.


he had no college degree but started a university. at one time had a medical school and a law school which attracted phds. scandal avoided him. He had to compete with political parties for revenue, promising prosperity, peace and change, of all things. he looked the camel in the eye through the eye of the needle. He built a university without coercing funds from people who philosophically opposed his ministry, methods and message. Not too shabby.


Sorry, I think I must read the Bible again.

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