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Dec 07, 2009


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You're somewhat right about Burr ... he definitely knows where North Carolina is and has even been here a few times. That said, he has his work cut out. From where I sit, there are at least big things he'll need to explain:

His personal little bank run at the height of the financial crisis

Proposing to allow veterans who are judged mentally incompetent to buy guns

Standing in the way of giving raped military contractors the right to justice

Sitting on his hands for five years on health care, then magically coming up with a bullshit plan of no use to anyone

Doing nothing whatsoever to stop the US Navy's misguided attempt to cram an OLF down the throats of eastern North Carolina


Most NC politicians were wary of the bucking the Navy on the OLF initially. Burr, as others, once they figured out which way the wind was blowing, eventually opposed it. Not as quickly as we hoped but did oppose it nevertheless. I agree Burr did sit on his hands on heath care. However, he had plenty of company on that one.

Not sure how I'll vote the next time but Elaine Marshall would be a formidable opponent if she gets through the primary. In NC most any Democrat will get about 45% of the vote without spending a dime. When all is said and done, Independents will decide the race.

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