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Dec 31, 2009


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Account Deleted

RockCo tried to toy with the library funding a few years back. Ended up losing the state matching funds and access to all the state library cpu networks and db's.

Two years later they had to eat crow and admit their mistake.


I dont disagree but why do county residents need libraries most?

Ed Cone

Don't mean county residents in general need libraries most, but that those least able to pay a fee are those who need a free library most.


We were considering using the library for part of ConvergeSouth in 2010 but their lack of suitable wireless bandwidth is forcing us to a more expensive and less desirable location. (it's a nice location, just more expensive).

We were willing to pay for additional bandwidth during the conference but can't figure out who to talk to. Any library-mavens have an idea?

Andrew Brod

Cutting library funding so deeply is penny-wise but pound-foolish. Public libraries matter.

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