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Nov 23, 2009


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FWIW, I received notification in the bill I got a few days ago saying that I would notice the rate increase on my next bill.

Don Moore

This proves that Advertising really Does NOT work... One of the cutesy ads I have heard recently was a guy calling the Cable Company to increase his rates. It was a back-handed ad for Dish or DirecTV (I can't remember).

Between the ads for Direct and Dish, plus the N&R article, I guess Reader M wasn't paying attention.


We recently switched our teevee from TW to Direct. Very happy with the move. More watchable channels, easier to use and more versatile on-screen guide, better customer service, lower price.

Other than that, we hate it.

Jim Caserta

Thomas & DM have the only real accountability for TW - shifting to some satellite provider. There will be real competition when BellSouth gets some homes wired for FIOS.


We have the wireless internet/cable/digital phone bundle with TW and have watched the rates increase to the point where we are now looking at other possibilities. We like the convenience of having one provider for all these services, but now are considering breaking it up to save money. We're checking out North State and AT&T.

When we called TW to ask about the rate increases we were essentially told, "We're the only game in town. Deal with it."

We'd never before had problems with service or outages. Our questions were always answered politely. This last experience soured us.

As much as we would like to stay with TW we have been forced to look for less expensive alternatives.

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