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Nov 18, 2009


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Not to mention a couple of political casualties in the bargain.

A. Bulluck

"Smelly from the get go, ripening as we go along...."

That made me a little nauseous.


I am a supporter and I am somewhat in agreement.


But just maybe we will ahve more of these stories going forward!

David Wharton

Time for Hoggard to say "I told you so," I think.


Hoggard has spoken.


I wish he was wrongerish. It has been a tough go.


They need to put this thing back in the box and return to sender. The cost-to-benefit ration is ridiculously high, as it would only serve the needs of a limited portion of the community. A swim meet is not like a ball game, where people go to drink beer and have a good time. The only people that go to these things swim or having swimming sprouts. I would love to see another facility here soley because I swim laps, but this really needs to be nipped in the bud.


"The cost-to-benefit ration is ridiculously high."

Sorry, Bill. You're not allowed to bring that sort of thing up when we're talking about bond issues.

Don't you know that the use of common sense, good judgment, and reputable fiduciary discipline in the use of public money have no merit when we're discussing something that's "for the children", or some other sound bite worthy cause?

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