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Nov 26, 2009


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We're here. With the family.

Andrew Brod

We're doing a brisket along with turkey. I like a change of pace, and this brisket recipe rocks.

But as much as I love turkey, my all-time favorite Thanksgiving dinner is goose with rye-bread-and-sauerkraut stuffing. Ahhhh....

Steve Harrison

I'm here, which is apparently a "high culture venue" in Waco...

If it got any better, I wouldn't be able to stand it. ;)


Ever since we realized we didn't like turkey at Thanksgiving we've cooked different things. But now we are on the second year of a new tradition: Peking Duck with assorted Asian delights (made in the home place). Everybody seems pleased with the selection.
We eat turkey in some form or the other most of the year so it made sense to us to do a change-up. Another plus is that you don't sit around feeling bloated half the day.
We give thanks to our maker and the diverse world of regional foods!

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