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Nov 22, 2009


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Ever tried oysters in your "dressing"? Mmmmm good.

Dave Winer

Ed, thanks for the callout!

And thanks for your support earlier this fall.

Let's make a point of getting together to catch up sometime sooon.

Happy Thanksgiving!! :-)

Fred Gregory

Lots to be thankful for so please remember those who
are in dangerous places

Tony Wilkins

EC: "Tacos from Carniceria El Mercadito on Spring Garden Street, a take-out joint that also sells made-in-Mexico Coca-Cola brewed with real sugar, not corn syrup."

Yesterday's visit found a new salsa at the counter available as dressing to your order. Makes the tacos much juicier and was delicious. Happy Thanksgiving Ed Cone and thanks for turning me on to this place.

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