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Nov 18, 2009


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If a company is really in the business of using technology to generate profit, its employees will have first rate equipment. My workstation at the office is dual-cpu, with 8GB RAM, power, unless I was doing serious work at home, I would never need that amount of computing power.

Morgan Stanley is not a tech company, and i-banks use of complex math has not yielded a positive result (to society at least). I wonder where that intern is today, and where i-banks (I don't understand why I still use that term) technology budgets are today.

Ed Cone

Many investment banks spent heavily on technology, although not necessarily at the retail end of the business. Morgan Stanley had notably bad retail systems.

Not every company is willing to invest. John Parkinson, CIO of TransUnion, just wrote this at one of our blogs: "It doesn't matter that the extra $200 for a 24-inch widescreen monitor will be repaid in less than three months. Or that the additional $300 for an SSD in a laptop will save many people's time in every meeting where it is used as a projection source. Somehow the accountants don't seem to get their own math."

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