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Nov 24, 2009


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A. Bulluck

For a homophobe, he wears the 1970s gay porn-star mustache very well.


I'm sure he will garner many votes in Chapel Hill.

Nice to know the founding fathers were "Gay Male Homosexuals" (from the Department of Redunancy Department). Such things are important to Republicans, wh?

Account Deleted

Wow! At least I know what a fucknozzle is now thanks to comments at Atrios.

But seriously, which is a better selling point, his economic plan touting "more better jobs" and offshore oil wells or his plan to end the culture war by "stopping gay marriage, terrorists and fake Republicans."

My word.

A. Bulluck

I like his mentally challenged attempt to link himself with a "British soldier" and "Sir Walter Raleigh." Hutchins claims to have served in the military, which makes him no different than the "soldier" who guards the Queen of England. In addition, he lives in the Triangle, which is named for Sir Walter Raleigh. So he pretty much resides in a Trans-Atlantic realm between Pittsboro and London.

Jay Ovittore

I guess he is OK with gay female homosexuals as he only writes how he wants to stop gay male homosexuals?


Okay, that website and the whole "George Hutchins" character have to be the creation of the Democratic Party.

The best line is "GEORGE HUTCHINS Completed his BACHELOR OF SCIENCE DEGREE in Criminal Justice, known as the BS, from the University of Texas at El Paso." I mean really, "known as the BS"?

Now its the GOP's turn to create a fictional liberal character to laugh at. Some say who needs fiction in that regard?

Anyway, if George Hutchins is for real, then I honor him for his service but he doesn't have a chance. The website is worse than 1997. It's like a Compuserve site for the Republic of Texas, circa 1994.

Account Deleted

Jay: You gotta dig deeper and read the thread on his message board. He says there is no mention of gay females in the Bible so he doesn't stand against them.

Roger Greene

I told a gay female homosexual that she had a nice body once. She vowed not to hold it against me.

A. Bulluck

Unfortunately, I think George Hutchins is very real. Any nutjob can run for office in this country. Just hope that other hackos aren't out casting votes for them. Remember, the leader of a street gang did not finish dead last in Greensboro's At-Large city council primary. Regardless, Hutchins has provided me with many laughs this evening.

Ian McDowell

While that kind of 'stache reads as "gay" now, in the 70s it would have been just as like to have been found on a straight porn star as a gay one. Just look at Harry Reems.

(I've never actually seen any of Reems' porn, but I know he was a huge, erm, name, in the industry, and he plays a major supporting role, complete with huge 'stache, in a non-porn Chesty Morgan movie I watched as research for my YES Weekly piece about seeing Ms. Morgan at the NC State Fair when I was a kid.)

And that 2nd paragraph reads really defensive, doesn't it? Seriously, that kind of 'stache is today often referred to as the "pornstache," with no particular connotations of orientation.

Queen Victoria allgedly declined to give her support to laws against female homosexuality, but only because she refused to believe it existed.

Andrew Brod

I'm with Spag. This feels like a hoax.

And then there's this, which is obviously by the same web designer. Note the link that reads "DEUTSCHE KLICKEN HIER." Don't get me wrong--some of my favorite ancestors were German. But is it really a selling point among American conservatives to have served in the German Army Reserve, or to be a member of something called the National Independents Movement?

Account Deleted

Dude, I found his older brother.

Account Deleted

"This feels like a hoax."

His military documents state his name as George Frank Hutchins and there is a George Frank Hutchins registered to vote in Wake County, according to SBOE online records.

robert reddick

Too bad the sites not on archive.org, cause linking to that beast, and the related g-juice, just feels wrong.

Fred Gregory

It is for sure a hoax cuz for here is the real one:

Snidely Whiplash


"yep. he's a gud'un." ~ granpa britt

Steve Harrison

I'm pretty ure this guy is real. You can't fake stupid like that, it has to evolve naturally.

I mean, come on. The guy has what appears to be damned near twenty years (combined) in the military, and I'm not sure he made it past Lance Corporal. After he switched from the Army to the Marine Corps, that is...anyway, he also claims the Marines gave him a combat medal for what he did in the Army, which moves part of this story into the fiction category. And then he talks about how impressive the Berlin wall coming down was, but then he turns around and bitches about how the end of the Cold War kept him from going to OCS.

The boy ain't right, but he's real.

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