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Nov 19, 2009


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Andrew Brod

A holy war indeed. And in case it wasn't clear before, we now know the parameters of that war. This excellent piece by Nate Silver and two colleagues (who are trained social scientists!) shows that opposition to healthcare reform is more about attitudes toward Obama than attitudes toward healthcare reform per se.

Andrew Brod

I should have said "opposition to healthcare reform by members of Congress..."


[[I am totally underdressed.]]

Ed, didn't Ed's Mom teach you never to bring a knife to a gun fight?

Account Deleted

@Andy:"opposition to healthcare reform is more about attitudes toward Obama than attitudes toward healthcare reform per se ..."

The genius of the separation of powers is at work as well, despite what the statisticians say. It's times like this I am glad we live in a republic with multiple deliberative bodies as opposed to a democracy where things are approved by plebiscite on great leader's ideas.


the republicans will put black shoe polish under their eyes, get camoed up and go to war against health reform like they did against the DoE, abortion and nation building. Then they'll read the polls, kill whoever needs killing and try to get reelected.

Brandon Burgess

Well, he is a nazi, right?

  Jon A Firebaugh

Andrew, I'm not going to debate you on whether or not the NYT piece was excellent or not, but I am going to take issue with one of the statements of the author: "Still, what these numbers seem to reflect is a series of missed connections. On the one hand, there is a disconnect between Mr. Obama and the electorate: the president — who had popularity ratings in the 60s when the health care debate began — has generally stayed in the background during health care negotiations, leaving the unpopular Congress to be the public face of the bill."
What planet has this guy been on? This President has appeared in the media pushing his agenda, more than anyone in recent memory.

Ed Cone

JAF, what they're saying is that Obama allowed Congress to drive the process, for which he's been much criticized from the left. For example, the debate about a public option took place without much visible leadership from the White House. Not saying there wasn't substantial activity behind the scenes, but Obama has played this big-picture and above the fray.

Brandon Burgess

"Obama allowed Congress to drive the process."

--Not trying to be a partisan hack, I voted for Obama, but maybe there never was a plan. Just nice words so the Republicans wouldn't win. And I'm not saying it would be any better if they did.

Ed Cone

No, there was a plan, or the outline of one. Obama was more specific as a candidate [PDF} than he has been as President.

The decision to let Congress lead was a strategy. I don't know that the link here explains it correctly, but it's one suggestoin.

Fred Gregory

War ? No just public opinion and good sense.

This guy isn't wearing camo. He has got on a real white coat. He doesn't play a Doctor on TV..he is one. He's the Dean of the Harvard Medical school and
he gives this health this bill a failing grade

"In discussions with dozens of health-care leaders and economists, I find near unanimity of opinion that, whatever its shape, the final legislation that will emerge from Congress will markedly accelerate national health-care spending rather than restrain it. Likewise, nearly all agree that the legislation would do little or nothing to improve quality or change health-care's dysfunctional delivery system."


my inlaws work the polls in ATL to make sure that black democrats are alive when they vote and that they only vote once. they don't like obama but they love their republican subsidies. try taking away their republican subsidy they will tell you that it's their right as an amerikan to receive SS and medicare, but they oppose Fannie Med on moral and Constitutional grounds. They believed the printing of money was a great thing if Bush did it to nationalize the mortgage industry and have a war on turr and pay the turrists not to hate us for our freedom. the party of Palin can parade all the labcoats they want in front of microphones. the party of Palin had their chance but they forgot to be conservatives constitutionally, fiscally or civically. Republican big government good...Democrat big government bad ain't gonna do it with all the yammering labcoats in the world. This country wants to be so far left of Bush that it will go over a cliff to prove it.

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