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Nov 27, 2009


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A. Bulluck

Most cops have a bone to pick with society. For the most part, they're unintelligent, mediocre athletes (they always rode the bench), and they look in the mirror several times a day dreaming of the ten year high school reunion. "Yes, yes then I will show them who was always the boss." I think police officers suck, and clearly there's a police officer in Pittsburgh who has a weak constitution.


Yet, for better or worse, most Americans are OK with this ... until it happens to them.


"I think police officers suck"



There are good cops and there are bad cops and I've dealt with both. To simply say "I think police officers suck" speaks for itself. Remember that when someone puts a gun in your face and you're peeing in pants, wishing like hell there was a cop around to save you.


Not that he or anyone else cares but AB just joined the growing list of folks I skip over no matter the subject. Of course, I am on a few of those lists as well.

Brandon Burgess

I don't see the relevance of Gates' case. Gates' behavior, while I don't agree with it, I can somewhat understand (racial tension, his own home). I don't think Gates was out to get a reaction from the cop, he just wanted to show the officers who the boss was.

I have to wonder if this guy knew he was in the presence of a cop, and if he meant for the cop to hear what he said. If yes, then I ask why? If you don't like cops/gays/whites/blacks/christians/muslims, should you let it be known everytime you see one? Or should we hold ourselves to a standard of decency, a code that says even if you have a problem with whatever demographic, you still have an obligation to the rest of society to make nice and cooperate.

Reggie Greene / The Logistician

History has shown us that tolerance and the recognition of people's right is situational in nature. We tend to describe it in static terms, when is a very much a dynamic force.

It just depends on what else is going on in society. When enough fear is generated, society can become very restrictive in nature.

One prominent Constitutional scholar once noted that the Constitution is the document which protects us from ourselves during swings of the societal pendulum.

Fred Gregory

Where were those police who "suck" when these folks needed them?

At the donut shope? No for the most part they apparently did their job albeit historically vis a vis proactively.

Could these be hate crimes ?

" Denver police should be applauded for apparently breaking up a ring of thugs who were attacking mostly white males downtown in what seems to be the largest racially motivated series of crimes in decades. Yet we're left with one important question:

Why weren't residents warned about the scope of the threat?

Denver Police Chief Gerry Whitman said that groups of young black males from the Rollin' 60s Crips and the Black Gangster Disciples gangs approached single white or Latino men late at night and struck them in the head, often after berating them and calling attention to their race, but sometimes attacking without warning."


Two weeks ago Tuesday, I was assaulted by a crack addict while on the job. He came at me with no warning, grabbed my face and throat and pushed me backwards to the ground. As I was falling backwards and with no way to do anything else I pulled my .38 from under my shirt and stuck it in his gut...

At that point everything changed.

No, I didn't shoot him as he was then trying very hard to get away. Without a doubt I then wanted to shoot him but my NC CCW (Concealed Carry Weapon) training informs me I cannot shoot when they're trying to get away.

This guy has a record and is on parole. I took out a warrant same day, have no less than 4 documented eye witnesses and video of the whole thing but GPD is so short handed that the warrant has yet to be served almost 2 weeks later even though myself, the police and everyone involved knows where this thug can be found.

Frankly, even if A Bullock's opinion of cops were correct I would still wish Greensboro had more cops.

My back still hurts, my glasses are still broken, my PTSD has returned and he continues his crime spree.

Fred Gregory


I won't second guess your split second decision not to pull the trigger. I just hope his next victim isn't defensless either.

Lucky or good, it is still nice to have you around.

AB needs some sensitivity training, don't ya think ?


@ Bill

I hope you have ready support for the PTSD.



I am glad you followed your training.
Prayers and speedy recovery.


Dr. Mary Johnson

Billy, I'm very glad you're okay. I currently share your frustration with the delay in serving warrants.

Four police officers were gunned down in Washington state this morning. They were literally executed while catching up on paperwork over coffee at the beginning of a shift. It appears they did not have time to draw their weapons.

Of late, I've grown exceptionally weary of people who don't do the job . . . indeed who don't have any clue whatsoever what the job entails . . . passing quick judgement on those who do.

Civility in the blogosphere. It would be nice if it would start HERE.


Thanks everyone, I'm okay, just angry mostly. I'm angry at the crack head but I'm even angrier with Greensboro's "leadership." I recall running for mayor in 2007 on an anti-crime platform warning that the problems in my neighborhood would spread if nothing was done. Other than a handfull of friends and bloggers no one in Greensboro believed me.

Well guess what? Anyone remember the gang issues I warned about months before the N&R and Greensboro "leaders" even admitted they existed? Anyone remember the break ins in NIP? Hell, I even told you Greensboro was being overbuilt and was facing the economic mess we're living today. I was right, I told you so and now I've said it.

But will anything be done about any of it?

As for A Bulluck getting sensitivity training-- just dump him out in my neighborhood and you'll see how sensitive he really is.

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