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Nov 30, 2009


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It helps to recognize people started down that path at different times as the economy marginalized us individually. Since NAFTA in '94, a lot of acceptance has taken place.


can't happen soon enough

Perhaps when we get our hands on the e-mail exchanges at the Milton Friedman Institute.


market mutilation and human sacrifice have been the principle rites performed by the priestly class to appease the sacred Keynesian cow. as government fails to provide solutions to the problems they have created, Toto is looking pretty smart. The smoke blowers, not so smart.

Andrew Brod

The "sacred Keynesian cow"? Gimme a break. And talk about denial.


Actually, I think that government worship is the failed religion. It's hard to argue that government hasn't done enough to intervene in the economy considering the growth of government since the 1960's. Beelze is right that the government has failed and overall we need more, not less. The current financial crisis has just as much to do with government intervention as it does market forces.

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