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Nov 07, 2009


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Too bad he, and the rest of them, didn't have the wherewithal to say so in front of the offending sign bearers but waited for the safety of a seen-by-onliners-only very late criticism. They should all be ashamed of themselves. Not "over the top." That was under the 10th circle.

Andrew Brod

I'd been wondering how much Cantor had charged for his neshama.

Fred Gregory

" Too Much "

Nazi comparisons. Pulleze !

How about ?????

Robert Gibbs' Bushitler Amnesia

Gibbs: Can You Imagine if, 5 Years Ago, People Had Protested With Hitler Pictures?!? Yeah just imagine. Scroll down this memory lane, will ya

Much more scrolling here.

"You will be scrolling for a solid five minutes to exhaust the Hitler images employed by the left for eight solid years against Bush, and that's in just two blog posts. They were ubiquitous; far more prevalent that Nazi imagery in the Tea Party movement. Saying what Gibbs said, or repeating it credulously, requires an incredible amount of DISHONESTY."

Not stupidity but inveterate partisan dishonesty !!!

Ed Cone

Of course Cantor, the House Republican Whip, is a partisan.

But about what is he being dishonest?

Fred Gregory


And what is Gibbs ? Chopped liver? "Saying what Gibbs said, or repeating it credulously, requires an incredible amount of DISHONESTY."

You know darn well I wasn't referring to Cantor who said:" Do I condone the mention of Hitler in any discussion about politics?” Cantor said. “No, I don’t, because obviously that is something that conjures up images that frankly are not, I think, very helpful.”

What else was he supposed to say ? Sheesh. Like this, toughie.

Question: Do you renounce Satan and all the spiritual forces of
wickedness that rebel against God?
Answer: I renounce them.

Question: Do you renounce the evil powers of this world which corrupt
and destroy the creatures of God?
Answer: I renounce them.

Ed Cone

Cantor, the Republican Whip, criticized both the grotesque Nazi imagery brandished by a protester outside the Capitol, and Limbaugh's comparison of Obama to Hitler.

As the post, which is about Cantor's remarks, says, good for him.

Andrew Brod

C'mon Ed, let Fred hijack the thread if he wants.

Fred Gregory


It is all yours. Instead of sniping from the bleachers say something that addresses the hypocrisy of the left your self included.

BTW..."Cantor praised Limbaugh as a voice of the conservative movement."

Ed Cone

For whatever reasons, Fred does not want to discuss Cantor's criticism of the Dachau sign and Limbaugh's comparison, and he doesn't want other people to discuss it, either.

Maybe Fred disagrees with Cantor's criticism of the sign and the radio host?

We don't know. Fred just changes the subject.

Maybe Fred feels the sign and the comment from Limbaugh were perfectly appropriate. Maybe he does not approve of Cantor's disapproval.

We don't know. Fred just changes the subject.

Does diversity of thought within Republican ranks make Fred uncomfortable? Does Fred think attacking people who praise the Republican whip for his belated decency will make everyone forget what Cantor actually said?

We don't know. Fred just changes the subject.

Andrew Brod

I'm beginning to think that Fred just doesn't get the point. It's not that Nazi imagery has been used to oppose health reform, and hence it's not about whether such imagery was used in the past against other presidents. Yes, we get it. There are assholes on both ends of the political spectrum.

The issue that Fred wants to ignore--or maybe just doesn't understand--is that a top Jewish opponent of health reform seemed to be okay with such imagery. In case Fred doesn't know, the Holocaust still freaks Jews out a bit. And when such imagery, especially when used for partisan reasons, doesn't bother a fellow Jew, we wonder why. Hence it was newsworthy when Cantor issued his mild statement of disapproval.

Just last night, on the anniversary of the 1938 Nazi pogrom known as Kristallnacht, I listened as Temple Emanuel member Hank Brodt, a survivor of five Nazi concentration camps, talked about his experiences in an event sponsored by UNCG Hillel. Hank's 83 and about five-foot-nothing. I don't know his politics or whether he's for or against health reform. But he's a sprightly guy, and if he'd been at the rally he would have punched one of those sign-holders in the kischkes. The issue was why Cantor didn't show at least a hint of that disgust.

Ed Cone

I'd agree that the Jewish response is an issue, but there's more to it.

Fred is right that intemperate use of Nazi imagery and comparisons is odious.

I'd go further and call it dangerous, because it demonizes people and also desensitizes us to genuine fascist threats.

In any case, Cantor's rebuke of the protesters and Limbaugh is newsworthy, and no amount of "mom, he hit me first!" subject-changing makes it less so.

Fred Gregory


How exactly does one Nazi sign carried by one loon at a anti-socialist health care rally impact on the legitimate complaints of the larger group? Not very much at all and hyping Cantor's statement to support your lame attempt at denigrating and undermining the protest's true purposes is shameful.

Repeating ad nauseum that I change the subject is a childish debate tactic and a classic use of the rule: Ridicule is a potent weapon.

Suggesting that I am somehow insensitive to the horror and history of the Hollocaust is something unworthy of you both. It makes me angry but there is no defense against such a cowardly insult, at least one I care to use.

Discuss it all you want fellows while blindly ignoring hate speech from your fellow traveler Alan Grayson , who on the House floor
likened health crisis, Holocaust in America

Funny how you dramatically seize on any slight by the GOP but give Democrats a pass on the most outrageous and embarassing conduct. But that comes as no surprise and I guess you won't be apologizing.

Ed Cone

Still unable or unwilling to grasp the importance of Cantor's remarks, Fred tries to change the subject again.

Cantor, the Republican whip, said what he said, and he said it for a reason.

Fred doesn't want to talk about that, and he doesn't want anyone else to talk about it, either.

Fred Gregory

Keep it up Alinsky

Ed Cone

Still unable or unwilling to comment directly on the Republican whip's criticism of grotesque Nazi imagery and Limbaugh's comparison of Obama to Hitler, Fred is reduced to name-calling.


Mr. Gregory's tactics as a retired DEA agent fail him now as then.

Fred Gregory

I did comment on Cantor's criticism and also juxtaposed it against similar vulgar imagery employed relentlessly for 8 years by your side. You don't like that and are unwilling to expand the discussion. So what should I say about your strawman?
Okay, I'll say this. It is getting almost zero and fleeting attention elsewhere except by Daily Kos and other lefty blogs.

Another local blogger , a while back, tried to make a big deal out of a Hitler/Obama sign at a townhall meeting. Turns out that sign was being held by a Rouchie.

I am not aware that Cantor even saw the sign in question at the time. But denouncing the use of that disgusting graphic any place any time is unquestionably the only response when asked about it. Duh. Like for example do you think Mao had any redeeming values ?

You were not there and I haven't seen anything that puts Cantor squarely in confrontation with the ugly placard..

I'll settle for this: "Fred is right that intemperate use of Nazi imagery and comparisons is odious" ( Ed Cone )


"Repeating ad nauseum that I change the subject is a childish debate tactic and a classic use of the rule: Ridicule is a potent weapon."

Stop making sense, Fred.

Don't you know that's not allowed here, particularly when there's a Dead Horse issue to beat?

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