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Nov 19, 2009


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Andrew Brod

We're still waiting for news of the first Fox News mistake that doesn't conveniently work to the channels' ideological benefit.


Tell me about it. I'm still waiting for the same thing to happen at MSNBC. You gotta watch out for those screwy cable networks for ideological bias. They are getting as bad as college professors in only telling one side of the story and pushing an ideological agenda.


Yeah! Stoopid college professors!

Andrew Brod

Well said, Roch. Of course Spag misses the point. It's not about ideological "bias" or opinion per se. The fact that both Fox's and MSNBC's commentators have their particular ideological orientations is old news, and it's not the issue here. What's at issue is Fox's tendency to make "errors" that that consistently further its ideology and thereby effectively blur the line between opinion and reporting. I apologize if that's too subtle a point for some.

So if Spag believes that MSNBC can be tarred with the same brush, perhaps he can tell us about instances when MSNBC has done what Fox has now been shown to do a number of times. Has MSNBC's news reporting screwed up in ways that conveniently promote a liberal agenda? Conversely, has Fox made any reporting mistakes that have worked against a conservative agenda?


Spag has adopted the right-wing tactic of deflecting legitimate criticism by claiming parallel foul play on the other side.

In essence, this means the right thinks it is OK to lie if they say the other side lies, too.

Even if the other side does lie, how does that legitimize the lies from your side?


Actually, I said before FOX was wrong the first time. Now will you condemn MSNBC for putting up fake photos of Sarah Palin last week or are you engaging in the Left wing tactic of hypocrisy?


I watch neither Fox or MSNBC, but if MSNBC really did put up fake photos of Palin, then shame on them.

Still doesn't justify Fox's repeated misuse of old footage in what could easily be a deliberate attempt to deceive. It should tell you something about the right's favorite network that so many are not willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Besides, if MSNBC is in fact putting up fake Palin pics, I can condemn their methods while supporting their ends. I can do neither re: Fox.


MSNBC's errors go virtually unnoticed. That whole ratings thing.

Andrew Brod

Unlike justcorbly, I'm trying to abstract from the ends. As for Spag, mixed in with his anger and attitude is an actual answer to my question. He says MSNBC ran fake photos of Sarah Palin last week.

And it checks out. MSNBC did in fact do this. It's not clear that both of the doctored photos used benefited MSNBC's ideological slant, but one of them clearly did. And using these two particular photos might be dumber than what Fox did, in that they'd been previously debunked by Snopes. In any case, what MSNBC did sucks just as much as what Fox did.

So, are there more examples of such MSNBC dishonesty?


Andrew, I'm not angry about anything. There are however, many commenters here who are.

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