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Oct 01, 2009


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Andrew Brod

Moral certainty good; facts and science bad.


Are you sure about that?

Andrew Brod

Don't confuse me with your liberal questions.


I guess Perry is hoping some pretty white girl goes missing in the next couple of days so our ADD afflicted press will be distracted.


The guy wasn't innocent, and no one really misses him. Just more smear against a Republican governor.

Andrew Brod

Well (to use a logic used often in the opposite ideological direction), if he wasn't innocent, then you'd have no problem with a commission reviewing the case, would you?

Ed Cone

This shark has been jumped already.


So why bring it up unless you're trying to slander a Republican governor, then? Do you want to admit your agenda or shall we do it for you, Ed?

Ed Cone

Willingham's possible innocence, and the power of the state to kill people, are still very much at issue.

People taking you seriously on this subject after this comment, not so much.


"Moral certainty good; facts and science bad" @ Andrew.

"Are you sure about that?" @ Roch

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