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Oct 08, 2009


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John D. Young

It is important that the University of Georgia Press has reprinted a paperback version of Liz Wheaton's book. Codename GREENKIL remains the best book about the events of Nov. 3, 1979 and it properly places significant blame on all the parties involved that day including the Klan/Nazis, police and the CWP. It also places all three of the parties into their historical context and Wheaton does not allow herself to become an advocate for any one of the parties involved. Wheaton began covering Nov. 3rd in 1981 for the Institute for Southern Studies, Southern Exposure Magazine and attended and reported on the second and third trial for United Press International.

The new afterword does a fine job of explaining the GTRC and why it failed to engage the broader community.

Currently the University of Georgia Press is selling her book for $17.47.

Doc Alexander

I'm glad to see this. I was only able to find Wheaton's excellent book at the Greensboro Public Library. It is a must read for anyone who moved to Greensboro after 1979 and wish to learn about what happened on that tragic Saturday morning in November. Wheaton covers the events with a lack of partisanship that is truly rare in these days. I look forward to picking up the reissue.

Jerry Bledsoe

Haven't read the new afterword yet, but amen to what John said.

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